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Posted By: Alfonso Marimon on Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 8:33 AM
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Since the hated team of Tommy Thunda and Chris Rockwell won the WORLD-1 tag team titles, W-1’s most popular tandem The Beast and GPS have been chasing them to no success.

These four men will meet one more time for the WORLD-1 tag team titles on Sunday, November 22 at the Neptune Fire Hall in Neptune, NJ but will it be The Beast and GPS’ last chance?

“Your darn right it is…” said Symbol’s personal attorney, Richard Guille. “Mr. Beast and Mr. Samsonite have been given enough chances to wrestle the tag team titles away from my clients but they can’t do it. I have petitioned President Kehner and informed him that WHEN Mr. Thunda and Mr. Rockwell once again successfully defend our tag team titles against these two criminals of the wrestling world, they will be eliminated from competition.”


November 2, Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia:

After spending the last ten months in Puerto Rico, Ricky Reyes returned home today but not in the mood that you would expect a man that just finished a successful run as WWC World Jr. heavyweight champion on two separate occasions. In fact, this Ricky Reyes had a lot to say.

“You would think that I would come home and there would be a welcome, but instead they send retard Kehner to pick me up? Half of these no respect idiots on the roster wouldn’t be in W-1 if it wasn’t for me. Where the hell was Haze? Or Anthony? They have something better to do?” said Reyes.’s Curt Lemon was at the airport and asked Reyes to comment on his return on November 22 against WORLD-1 heavyweight champion Steve Corino.

“Corino is a P*$$Y. He puts up the W-1 title against Ace Darling but not me? Who the F*#k is Ace Darling? I am Ricky Reyes. The 2008 Hashimoto Tournament winner. The man that dominated Puerto Rico for the last ten months. The BEST professional wrestler in the world right now. F-Corino, F-Darling, F-Kawada…that’s right I said it.” Reyes continued angrily as he took off his Cuba hat.

“Lets see what Kawada’s excuse will be for not defending the title against me first. Maybe he will say that one of the Japanese should be first. F him. I never liked him. In fact, I beg the ZERO1 office to watch me dominate Corino on the 22nd because I am going to break his arm. And then I am going to look right in the camera for all of Japan to see and tell Kawada to his face, I am going to break your f*#king arm and take your title.”

Ricky Reyes returns to WORLD-1 on Sunday, November 22 at the Neptune Fire Hall in Neptune, NJ as he challenges Steve Corino.


Most wrestlers and fans would agree that you will not find a nicer person in the sport of pro-wrestling then Hurricane Kevin Kannon.

The former Kevin Payne is not only a school teacher during the week but also volunteers at his local church and other organizations. But when it comes to the topic of Ruthless Ryan Sawyer, a look appears on his face that is unnatural. It is a look of rage and hurt. Rage and hurt from a young man that Kannon thought was his friend.

The team of Kevin Kannon and Ryan Sawyer was very successful in their rookie year. They won the 3KWrestling and B4W (now WORLD-1) tag team titles and then the UWC tag team titles. They were the co-winners of the 2008 WORLD-1 Rookie of the Year voting and fans were ready for them to dominate the tag team scene in many different promotions in 2009.

But Sawyer had other plans. After losing the W-1 tag team titles to Chris Rockwell and Tommy Thunda, Sawyer turned against Kevin Kannon, breaking his leg in the process and keeping him out of action for almost five months.

Now on November 22 in Neptune, NJ Ruthless Ryan Sawyer and Hurricane Kevin Kannon collide!!!

Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 Presents ZERO1USA Vast Energy Volume 1

Sunday, November 22

Neptune Fire Hall

Neptune, NJ

2PM Belltime

1. Kid America (W-1) vs. Ryujin (Free)
2. Craig Matthews (Free) vs. Guillotine LeGrande (WWC)
3. WORLD-1 Women’s title, decision match: Roxie Cotton (Free) w/Super Sweet vs. Annie Social w/Rob Dimension
4. Six Man War: Team Symbol (Tommy Thunda, Chris Rockwell, & Reiko DMF) w/Richard Guille vs. The Beast (B4W), GPS (B4W), & Damian Dragon (WOW)
5. Revenge Match: Ruthless Ryan Sawyer (Free) vs. Hurricane Kevin Kannon (W-1)
6. North American title: Alex Anthony © (W-1) vs. Erico (PPW)
7. WORLD-1 heavyweight title. V3 defense: Mr. Wrestling Steve Corino © w/Rob Dimension vs. Ace Darling (ISPW)

Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 presents ZERO1USA Vast Energy Volume 2

Sunday, November 22

Neptune Fire Hall

Neptune, NJ

5PM Belltime

1. Kid America (W-1) vs. Shane Harris (Free) vs. Dr. K
2. Anderson James & Ryujin vs. Society Of Venture
3. Special Challenge Match: Roxie Cotton & Super Sweet vs. Rob Dimension & The Monster C
4. Loyalty Or Betrayal: Sean Haze & Alex Anthony (W-1) vs. Dark Horse/World Champion of the World/King of Pops Greg Spitz (Freebird) & Mr. Mark Mest
5. Return Grudge Match: Damian Dragon (WOW) vs. Reiko DMF (Symbol) w/Richard Guille
6. First Time Ever: Mr. Wrestling Steve Corino w/Rob Dimension vs. Ricky Reyes (WWC)
7. WORLD-1 tag team titles, 2 out of 3 falls: Chris Rockwell © & Tommy Thunda © (Symbol) w/Richard Guille vs. The Beast (B4W) & GPS (B4W)

Tickets are ONLY $5 for each show!!!!
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wrlduno-copyWORLD-1 ON 1 w/Curt Lemon &


Welcome to the first edition of Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1’s: WORLD-1 On 1.’s Curt Lemon will interview a different W-1 fighter every week. This week we interview the 2009 Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Tournament winner Ruthless Ryan Sawyer.
This is a very interesting and revealing look into this young 18 year old prodigy.
W-1 On 1: We want to get right into the interview with asking you how it felt to win the second annual Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Tournament on August 28th in Morganville, NJ? You had to go through Australia’s Craven, current WORLD-1 heavyweight champion Steve Corino, and North American champion Alex Anthony to win the tournament.

RRS: It felt Great to win the Hashimoto Tournament, but I’m not surprised. Craven, Corino And Anthony are all great fighters, and have done many great things in their careers, but when it comes down to it, it just shows that they couldn’t survive with the “Ruthless One”.

W-1 On 1: You defeated one of your original trainers, Steve Corino, by disqualification to advance to the finals and your other original trainer Ricky Reyes was the first winner of the Hashimoto Tournament. Since you hold a victory over Corino do you now plan on challenging Reyes to a one on one match?

RRS: To be honest I haven’t given it much thought. I have been thinking day and night about one person and one person only. Kevin Kannon. I think it would be a great honor to fight Ricky. After all he helped train me and I think we would have a great fight.

W-1 On 1: Most fans reading on and various website don’t realize that you are just 18 years old and have already been wrestling professionally for 18 months. Looking back on pro-wrestling history one could compare you to the late Terry Bamm Bamm Gordy of The Freebirds. Gordy started at a very young age, but by the time he was 20 he had many championships under his belt. In a year and a half you have won the 3KWrestling Premier tag team titles, B4W tag team titles (now WORLD-1 tag team titles), and the UWC tag team titles. Are you looking to win your first singles title?

RRS: Oh absolutely. Since day one I always wanted to win a singles title. I’m proud of all that I have done so far, and am very honored to be compared to Terry Gordy. He is one of my idols and I aspire to be like him.

W-1 On 1: Now on to a sensitive subject. You trained in the WORLD-1 Revolution Dojo under Corino and Reyes and although nine original members signed up, only you and Kevin Kannon (Kevin Payne) graduated. And from there you and Kannon, although total opposites, became not only a tag team, but a very successful tag team but it all came to an end on May 31 when your team lost the W-1 tag team titles to Tommy Thunda and Chris Rockwell. Why did you turn on Kannon? Was this something you planned or did you just snapped?

RRS: The saying goes that opposites attract. I assume that was the case here. Me and Kevin both had very strong dreams of becoming wrestlers at the beginning of our training and quickly became friends. He and I worked the hardest together, and found we could work together as a good team, hence “RuthlessPayne” was born. The thing that made us successful was that we used each other to get to the top, but Kevin used me to stay at the top. Every match after winning all those titles was me doing the grunt work and Kevin taking the credit. He saw me as the background brute that would destroy the competition, and then he would come in and get the pin and the glory. A guy can only take so much of not getting the respect and acknowledgement that he deserves.

W-1 On 1: We understand your frustration but what about the fans? You were loved by the W-1 followers and now you are right up there with Dark Horse Greg Spitz as the most hated wrestler by the fans and other wrestlers. Why should the fans be punished because you are upset with Kevin Kannon?

RRS: Because they didn’t give me the glory I deserved either! Did you ever hear a “Lets go Ruthless” chant or a “Ruthless Ryan” chant when RuthlessPayne was in the ring… let me answer for you, no you didn’t! it was always “Bring the Pain” or “lets go Kevin”. They saw him as a great wrestler and I was his bodyguard. They put him on the top of the wrestling ladder and now I’m going to knock him down and they are going with him.

W-1 On 1: On November 22 at WORLD-1 event ZERO1USA: Vast Energy Vol.1 in Neptune, NJ you will finally clash with Kevin Kannon in your first one-on-one contest. What can the fans expect to see out of this Grudge Fight? If Kannon defeats you will you try and work on your friendship with him? Or will you continue your reign of terror on W-1 fan favorites?

RRS: The way I see it there are two outcomes to this fight. One is that I get my vengeance and me and Kevin can go our separate ways. And two is that I lose because I get carried away and get disqualified for what I put Kevin through. that’s all I have to say about this subject.

W-1 On 1: One of the major motivation factors of the fighters at the November 22 event will be that they will all be fighting for a chance to travel to Japan to wrestle for Pro-Wrestling ZERO1. W-1 champion Steve Corino has done 72 tours, Ricky Reyes 5 (2 with ZERO1, 3 with New Japan Pro-Wrestling), and Alex Anthony toured last October. In fact the first WORLD-1 champion was Masato Tanaka. Are you going to be more focused on trying to impress the Japanese or will it be 100% Kevin Kannon in your sights?

RRS: I would like to say that I would be trying to impress them, but I have been dreaming of this fight with Kevin for many months. I haven’t slept for a couple of nights because I have been waking up in cold sweats having nightmares of the horrors that Kevin could possibly go through. That night will be a night to remember.

W-1 On 1: Speaking about Pro-Wrestling ZERO1 in Japan, Toshiaki Kawada recently defeated Masato Tanaka for the ZERO1 Heavyweight championship. Do you think that you are ready to make a challenge for Kawada or would you like to focus on the North American and/or WORLD-1 title first?

RRS: I personally don’t think that I am ready mentally of physically to fight Kawada. I think he is a great fighter and would like to prepare myself before even thinking about it.

W-1 On 1: We here at WORLD-1 On 1 would like to thank this young budding superstar for his time. Mr. Sawyer do you have any parting words for the W-1 fans and Kevin Kannon?

RRS: as to the fans I want them to know that I don’t blame them. They were brain washed by the cynical, filthy, back stabbing dog known as Kevin Kannon. As for Kevin…. I hope you have prepared yourself for the 22nd. I want you at your best, I want you at 100% so that there is no dispute of who the better man is. Thank you for allowing me to explain myself.

W-1 On 1: Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 returns to Neptune, NJ with a double header on November 22 starting at 2pm. Tickets are only $5 per show!!! Come out and enjoy a great day of pro-wrestling!
A New King In ZERO1: Tanaka vs. Kawada
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ZERO1 Heavyweight title: Masato Tanaka vs. Toshiaki Kawada
All Eyes On New ZERO1 Kingpin Kawada
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This past Saturday evening in Tokyo, Japan the legendary Toshiaki Kawada defeated Masato Tanaka to become the 6th ZERO1 world heavyweight champion.

Every member of the WORLD-1 roster stuck close to their computers to see how this match would play out. Tanaka, the 1st WORLD-1 heavyweight champion in 2004, had been on a hot streak, but Kawada had his number.

This is the first singles championship for “Dangerous K” since losing the All-Japan Triple Crown (NWA International, NWA United National, & PWF) to Satoshi Kojima in 2005.

Now during the November 22nd double header for W-1 the stakes will be higher. ZERO1 has been known for giving a foreign wrestler a chance at the ZERO1 championship (Steve Corino and Orlando Colon were both unsuccessful in 2009 against then champion Shinjiro Otani). Could Kawada’s first or second defense be against a WORLD-1 fighter?

Keep watching WORLD-1 TV every Wednesday night (check your local listings) and on the web at and

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